Sri Lanka is the leading source of some of the finest, most beautiful gems in the world. Gem dealers and traders have traversed Ceylon for over 2,500 years, collecting the best quality gems to go and sell abroad. However, cons and scammers have infiltrated the Ceylon gem industry and today; you risk being conned by fake gem dealers if you are not careful. That’s why it is very important that you buy your gems from a reputable company like We are one of the oldest and most reliable dealers of original gems from Sri Lanka.

Why buy from us?


We have a thorough understanding of the Ceylon gems, and the fact that we are located in Sri Lanka means that you can trust us to get any kind of gem that you wish to purchase.


There are no brokers or middle men within our ranks; you just identify the exact kind of gems that you want, pay online, and then we deliver to you regardless of your geographical location.


All our gems are original and of the highest quality. Our team comprises of experienced veterans who have been dealing with Ceylon gems for decades; we thus ensure that you get value for your money.


Ceylon blue sapphires are some of the most treasured gems in the world, they are ideal for engagement rings, necklaces, and so on so forth. Our collection of blue sapphires comprise of dazzling, sparkling selections at very affordable prices.


We also ensure that all our gems are ethically produced; we track them from the moment they are mined, to the moment they are delivered to you. This is so as to ensure that all labor and environmental protocols are observed..


It’s also worth noting that at, we do things differently; we offer our customers an opportunity to select and shop for their preferred gems online. We also give our customers a guarantee or warranty of our gems; some of our blue sapphire gems can last up to 50 years without losing their luster and sparkle.

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